Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems

Induction loop amplifiers are used to provide audio coverage direct to hearing aids fitted with a Telecoil (all NHS and a good range of private hearing aids are equipped with the T position switch).

The ITS easy T range of audio frequency induction loop amplifiers (AFILS) represent the some of the latest advances in induction loop technology and have been designed by a team with over 15 years experience in the design and production of loop equipment. The range covers all sizes of installation from small counters in banks & Post Offices (using the ET30 and ETTC loop coil) to the largest auditoria using multiple ET450’s

How Does It Work?

An induction loop amplifier takes audio from microphones and other audio sources, such as mixing desks and CD players and mixes them together. The amplifier then processes the audio using a compressor limiter to ensure that the sound has a fixed dynamic range (so quiet sounds are amplified and loud sounds are attenuated to prevent amplifier overloading).

The processed sound is then passed to an output stage which converts the audio voltage to a current. This current then passes through a loop cable placed around the perimeter of the area to be covered. This current generates a magnetic field which is picked up by a coil in the hearing aid and converted back to audio. Induction loops use no modulation and are exempt from radio licensing, they also have the great advantage that the user maintains his or her own receiver.

Where do I Need Induction Loop Amplifiers?

Facilities for the hard of hearing are required by both the building regulations document M and by the DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) in places where the public need to hear information, or where customers are separated from staff by a glass partition (for further details see our guide to Induction Loops). See Induction Loop legislation guide

An Induction loop amplifier will satisfy the requirements of both pieces of legislation with the minimum of fuss and without the need to hire and maintain receivers.

ITS Induction Loop Amplifier Range

induction loop amplifier

et300 amplifier

et45 induction amplifier

ET150, this amplifier has a host of professional audio features and covers an area up to 200m2 ET300, this has the same specification as the ET150, but covers an area up to 450m2 ET450, this has the same specification as the ET150, but covers an area up to 800m2

induction loop kit

induction loop test kit.

induction loop meter

ET30, Mostly used for counters with the ETTC coil, or small meeting & interview rooms ETRX Induction loop test receiver ETFSM Induction loop Meter

Also see our pa systems

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