About Our Security Services.

ITS Fire & Security Specialists bring to our customers a pledge that our PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL SERVICE STANDARDS are second to none. We care and will respond positively to ensure your satisfaction in your dealings with us.

Our business is built upon this trust and we strive to improve upon our already impressive achievements in this field. We want your business and we need your recommendations to grow the Business. That is why your business is so important to us.

By phoning us on 0300 303 2536 you can always discuss any queries you may have on our products or service levels. You will undoubtedly speak to Rob Day or me, Chris Day. Your call reaches a decision maker in the company, it is that easy to talk to someone who can help or advise and conducts business based on the following values.

A deal done, a hand-shaken, a verbal agreement made, all seem old-fashioned values that have little room in the marketplace today.

To us they are as important as ever.

We have paper certificates to show that we are competent at our trade. The NSI check our work quality yearly and have an arbitration procedure should you, our customer not be satisfied.

BT Redcare and Custodian Monitoring are big players in the monitoring of Security Systems.These companies would not entertain our business unless they were confident we could deliver their premium services. They have confidence in us because we have proved our capabilities to them.

We have written contracts and all the accompanying paperwork which is industry standard practice. However, the most important part of any deal we may make is that you can rely on us to do what is required, at a fair price, to a professional standard. You will receive aftercare service from people you can trust and who still base all their business dealings on old-fashioned principles.

We do not hide stealth charges in the small print, nor do we use over complicated contracts.

Let me introduce our Team:

Rob Day – Managing Director.

Rob is totally committed to the business and works 24/7 to give the Service Levels required in such a Competitive Market Place.

Most of the time he will answer your phone call personally.

He is our Sales Manager and he co-ordinates our Installations and schedules all Servicing and Maintenance requirements.

I am Chris Day, Robs Father. I take more of an administrative role and concentrate on the Marketing, Business Development, Accounting and IT within the Company.

I also help Rob on surveying and quoting for work and meet our customers from time to time.

I served for many years in the Metropolitan Police Service both in Uniform and CID. During my Police career, I attended numerous Crime Scenes which included many burglaries.

Richard Day
served for 9 years an Engineer in the Royal Navy and his last ship was HMS Illustrious. He has left the Navy and has taken over responsibility for Engineering and Industry Standards within the Company.

The Intruder Alarm Industry is about to take on new European Standards and he will become the dedicated Manager to ensure our compliance and quality control are second to none.

The “being burgled” experience does not affect all people the same way, but some people can feel that their home has been violated, lose their feeling of security and may even want to move house as a result.

An experience best avoided for any family and business come to that, even a relatively minor intrusion can cause such feelings, and in business if computer equipment is taken or damaged it can have catastrophic consequences.

My advice is to think seriously about security and take all sensible preventative measures yourself. There is no point having security if you do not use it. There a number of effective measures that can help to protect your family, possessions or business. If you don’t bother who will?

A monitored Intruder Alarm is one such measure – it does not cost a lot of money, and hopefully, its value in deterring burglars will never be realised. Its presence will deter and if an Intrusion still takes place then you will know about it and the police authority should always respond to a confirmed activation as a matter of urgency(DD243/2004).

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