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Let us introduce you to a concept which gets more security and Peace of Mind out of your Intruder Alarm and security camera setup.

What can MACC do for You?

Example 1. Robbers walk into business premises and threaten Staff with weapons to effect their Robbery.

The CCTV records the event locally as a matter of course and reference. If the Panic Alarm has been pressed then Police will be called, if the Panic Alarm sets off an Audible warning then the Staff may be endangered in the Panic it causes amongst the Robbers.

If a silent Panic Alarm Button, carried by Staff can activate the Intruder Alarm silently to send an alert to the Receiving Centre, the Receiving Centre can watch the Robbery unfold via the transmissions from your Security Cameras.

They can despatch appropriately equipped Police to deal with the situation, lessening risks to Staff and to the Police Officers attending, who have the information they need to deal with the situation effectively and safely.

 Example 2. Your premises are attractive to thieves who may pay a visit out of hours. Staff lock up, go home and the monitored Intruder Alarm and separate Security Camera System installed are there to protect the premises.

Q: Is the Intruder Alarm Set and Operational
A: We can check that the alarm is set by a given time and inform you if it is not.

Q: The Intruder Alarm activates at 3 am in the morning but 2 detectors are not tripped so Police cannot be called out. Keyholders are informed by the Monitoring Centre. Burglars may have entered and avoided a 2nd sensor. It could be a false alarm caused by a rodent or something falling off a shelf. The keyholder has to attend not knowing what danger may or may not await them on entering.

A: By installing and configuring a MACC system, then the Monitoring Centre will be alerted by the Intruder Alarm System and can access remotely your Security Cameras to check out over the premises.

They will see if Intruders are on site and can call the Police as they now have visual verification of an Intrusion.

The monitoring Centre can speak to the site via a voice link and tell the Intruders to leave as Police are on their way. As keyholder you will know whether you are being alerted to a probable false alarm or otherwise. The Police welcome Security Camera confirmation of an Alarm as they also know that they are responding to a genuine ‘Suspects on Premises’, shout, and their interest is that much greater than the ‘routine’ of responding to an Intruder Alarm.

Q: If you have a Security Camera system installed, would you like regular Virtual Patrols made of your site? All documented with your written procedure to be followed. Will this save on paying for mobile ‘Guard Patrols’ who drive past at intervals, and may or may not check the premises thoroughly?

A: Our monitoring Centre can patrol your site using the Remote viewing capability of this system, issue Verbal commands by a voice channel, and take effective action to respond should something untoward be found.

The above are just 2 examples of some of the uses that this technology offers, it can be configured to suit and solve a particular risk, or security problem. Want to know more ring us on 0300 303 2536.

The MACC service is subject to suitable Security Camera equipment being installed plus Monitoring costs. Let us take the Hassle out of your Security requirements. We work in partnership with RVR (Remote Video Response)

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