BT Redcare Closing

BT Redcare Closing

On the 1st February 2024 BT announced that its BT Redcare operation would be closing on 1 August 2025.

This will no doubt cause inconvenience to existing BT Redcare customers  ITS Security can offer a cost effective alternative to the BT Redcare service.



BT Redcare Alternative

Secure Data Links Transmitting alarm signals to an Alarm Receiving Centre have for many years been provided by BT under their Redcare brand.

With the demise of PSTN analogue telephone system and the switchover to digital signaling using customers Broadband as the primary path, we had hoped that the installation of equipment to upgrade our clients Alarms to transmit Redcare digital signaling was now completed.

This is not to be because BT Redcare have recently announced that it will be terminating their Redcare service in the late Summer of 2025.

What does this mean for the Alarm Industry?

  •  A major Company is quitting the Alarm Signaling transmission market and their equipment will no longer work after service close.
  •  Another equipment change out is now required for clients reliant on BT Redcare products.
  • We have already started rolling out CSL Dualcom replacements to our affected customers
  • CSL Dualcom has been the main rival provider to Redcare equipment for many many years, their equipment is reliable and ‘state of the art’.
  •  We have installed CSL products for many years and our Engineers are familiar with their installation and maintenance.
  • We are contacting all our Redcare clients now and offering the Dualcom changeover, this is to avoid any last minute rush, when equipment may become scarce or our Engineer diaries can’t cope with last minute change overs to avoid clients losing alarm data transmission.
  • Unfortunately there is a Client cost for the changeover


So our advice to BT Redcare users is don’t be a last minute changer, think ahead and upgrade
early, we have the CSL Dualcom units to fit and engineer appointments are readily available.

Go to: Dualcom Dual path signalling alarm systems for more product information or:

or Phone:0800 0856 417

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