SelectaDNA Spray – Advanced Forensic Marking

The SelectaDNA Advanced Forensic Spray System can be integrated into your existing security system to offer a powerful, additional deterrent to potential offenders.

Installation and promotion of SelectaDNA  Spray will help keep your property, assets and employees safe from robberies and out of hours attacks.

  • Police Approved
  • The effective deterrent to criminals
  • Can be fully integrated into existing security systems
  • Ideal for night and daytime protection
  • Proven DNA technology to convict offenders

How Does It Work?

When activated, SelectaDNA Spray covers offenders with an invisible synthetic DNA solution that marks skin and clothing for days, weeks or even months.

The system can be activated either by connecting it to an existing alarm system or through a panic button, money clip or RFID device according to your particular needs.

Once the system is active, anyone passing under the spray head will be detected by an infrared sensor triggering the mechanism and releasing a burst of SelectDNA Spray onto the fleeing offender.

Unlike some other systems, the SelectaDNA emits controlled burst of spray meaning that your property is not covered in the solution that requires expensive clean-up operations.

The solution contains a unique DNA code which only exists in that particular system and UV tracer. It clings to the skin and clothing fibres for days weeks or even months. This helps police detect the criminal and connects them irrefutably to a particular crime.

Displaying our warning signs and window stickers on your premises will deter potential criminals from targetting your property in the first place as they will know the consequences.

Protect your premises, assets and staff.


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With many people now working from home due to the Corona Virus, could all customers who have  monitored alarms please ensure that their current key holders and passwords are up to date especially if your premises are to be left unattended.

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