Fog Bandit – Fog Screen System.

We supply and fit the Fog Bandit fogging system which gives a dense fog screen effect:-

Click to see Fog Bandit in action.

Download the Fog Bandit Presentation in pdf format

We believe Fog Bandit to be the best security fogging system in the marketplace today.

We already have a number of satisfied clients where we have installed these systems as an addition to their Intruder Alarm Systems.


  • The Fog produced is COMPLETELY HARMLESS and safe to use in any environment
  •  One unit can protect areas ranging from 50 to 500 cubic metres
  •  Very low maintenance and running costs (the clean filled and hermetically sealed fluid cartridge has a 4 YEAR NO-MAINTENANCE LIFESPAN)
  • Engineer call-outs are not required after every activation
  • 1 FLUID CARTRIDGE CAN PROVIDE UP TO 25* ACTIVATIONS ( *dependent on room size)
  •  Outstanding reliability from solid state electronics and robust, high-quality casing and components
  • Continuous self-diagnostic process reports system failures immediately
  • Simple and quick to install either as stand-alone or integrated with an existing alarm system

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With many people now working from home due to the Corona Virus, could all customers who have  monitored alarms please ensure that their current key holders and passwords are up to date especially if your premises are to be left unattended.

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