BT Redcare Closing

BT Redcare Closing

On the 1st February 2024 BT announced that its BT Redcare operation would be closing on 1 August 2025.

This will no doubt cause inconvenience to existing BT Redcare customers  ITS Security can offer a cost effective alternative to the BT Redcare service.

See here for BT Redcare Alternatives.


ITS Security are BT Redcare Approved Installers and can offer you our knowledge gained through years of experience designing and installing Redcare products.

We can install hardwired, wireless or even pet sensitive sensors detectors, and all installs are to the highest security standards.
We can also add BT Home GSM Redcare line monitoring as an upgrade to existing systems.

Contact us and we will listen to your requirements and then suggest a cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

What is BT Redcare?

Firstly Redcare is a BT product which combines a secure redcare landline connection with a GSM radio backup path. In the event of a line cut, redcare enables the alarm system to be monitored by radio path. If line failure occurs the Alarm Receiving Station is informed, but the GSM Radio path will continue to communicate sending out any subsequent alarm signals.

Redcare Alarm systems

A BT Redcare GSM alarm is capable of sending out a confirmed activation signal if either the primary landline or secondary radio path is lost, regardless of which one is lost first. Redcare offers the most secure form of alarm monitoring available.

The service provides continuous monitoring of a BT telephone line that links your ITS Security’s installed alarm system to the Alarm Receiving Centre. The result is the continuous protection of our customer’s property, every second of the day, 365 days a year.

Unlike other alarm monitoring services, redcare both alerts the Alarm Receiving Centre when it detects a line cut AND provides encryption to prevent the substitution of equipment “spoofing”  (emulation) of line conditions. This is why redcare is the most secure system of its kind.

Redcare benefits and features

Redcare is a Secured By Design product and as such has gained the Police Preferred Specification status. This was achieved by BT after testing against and meeting the highest grade (Grade 4) of the new European Standard 50131

  • There is no need for an extra telephone line (a Modem Compatible device may be needed if fax and data services are being used on the same line).
  • Active, continuous 2-way monitoring – 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • High-Speed alarm transmission summons help within a matter of seconds
  • Alarm signals can be transmitted to the ARC even when the phone is in use
  • Encrypted signals which cannot be replicated
  • Instant detection if your telephone line is cut
  • No additional call charges

Redcare home monitoring alarms

It was not long that long ago that there was not a specific BT home monitoring product available.

Homeowners had to choose between using digicom which could result in an undetected line cut or paying the cost of the more robust BT Redcare commercial system which is over-engineered for home use.

To meet this shortfall in the marketplace BT introduced Redcare home monitoring which is a grade 2 domestic product under the new European Standards, EN50131. In short, it is a light version of the Commercial package and the Market leader in its field.

Redcare GSM

Redcare home monitoring is equipped with dual path protection also using the secondary path gsm radio signals via the 02 mobile phone network. Redcare home monitoring offers a higher level of security than any other Grade 2 system.

This product still carries the BT redcare guarantee, and is compliant to EN50131, PD6662 and DD243 in relation to a Grade 2 (Domestic) Alarm system, and is compliant with the Police requirement for a level 1 Police response. The added advantage for domestic users is that home monitoring will work via other providers telephone lines and a dedicated BT line is not mandatory.

If you are using a cheap call provider as well, then BT may need to be consulted as their computers have to be able to communicate with the alarm, and some call providers may pose an issue for them but not all do.

Costs: The upgrade from Digicom costs £250.00, and the monthly monitoring and our no quibble monitoring contract is from £40 inc Vat per month paid directly via your Bank Upon receiving your instruction we will undertake a survey, a risk assessment with specification and pricing for you to consider. Upon receipt of your confirmed order, we need about 10 working days to install.


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