CSL Dualcom Gradeshift Products

Dualcom offer products that are suitable for all grades of alarms -G2, G3, G4 and Fire.

DualCom’s unique GradeShift® technology means that the hardware platform remains unchanged so that there is one common product across all grades. The grade category is selectable through remote programming via the Alarm Receiving Centre or the Alarm Installer, meaning that all grades are quick and easy to install.

Download the Dualcom Gradeshift product rage brochure which includes:-

Dualcom G2r

Dualcom G2r eliminates costs and works where telephones lines can’t. No telephone line – no problem. DualCom G2r offers alarm signalling via a radio path (GPRS/GSM) from the protected premises to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Download the Dualcom G2r product brochure.

Dualcom G4

Dualcom G4 ensures your alarm signalling can access all four UK mobile networks.  It is the highest EN50136 specification of the Dualcom range.

DualCom G4 uses an end-to-end encrypted data link to send signals adding another layer of protection to the signalling. By utilising one-minute heartbeat polling the status of your alarm is checked every single minute of every day.

Download the Dualcom G4 product brochure.

Dualcom Fire

When dealing with fires – every second counts. Dualcom Fire fulfils an invaluable role with its ability to signal a fire alarm even when premises are not occupied.

Dualcom fire complies with BS5839 and uses both Vodafone GRPS/GSM networks and a telephone or IP path to transmit fire alarm signals from any fire alarm system to an Alarm Receiving Centre at high speed.

Download the Dualcom Fire product brochure.

ITS Security can offer various alarm systems that incorporate the DualCom alarm technology. From homes and small shops to large organisations, DualCom offers added security knowing that if one line fails, the alarm signals can be sent via mobile technology.

Contact ITS now to discuss your needs. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will listen to your circumstances and offer advice on the best solution for your needs.

Save Money on System Call costs

Most digital communicators make regular, hidden telephone calls to the monitoring centre to log various events and carry out routine testing. Most dig-com providers use either 0870, 0871 or 0906 type telephone numbers that charge you for every call.

It is possible that these calls costs can add up to substantial amounts. ITS can provide the same monitoring using an 0800 number. The only cost is £5 per month for the service and then all calls made in the month are free.

NSI Gold Registered

When you are choosing a Security System to protect your family, home or business - ensure you choose the best.

ITS Security is an NSI Gold registered company ensuring our products and Quality Management Systems are certified to the highest standards. See Benefits of Using aNSI Approved Company

This level holds the greatest perceived value in the security industry by the police, fire and rescue services and insurance companies.  NSI approval is only given to those companies that are able to consistently meet NSI's exacting standards.

This prestigious third-party certification is to provide reassurance to our existing and potential customers that we are a reputable and trusted contractor that has been independently verified as meeting the highest industry standards.


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